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  • August Adoptive Parent Connection Group

    Kids are back in school...a perfect time to reconnect with other adoptive parents! Join us on 8/23/22 from 10 - 11:30 a.m. for our August connection group. Registration is required but easy: Just call 404.394.1096, ext 1 or visit #adoption#roswellga#arborcovetherapy#supportgroups#adoptiveparents#backtoschool

  • new parent group forming!

    Parenting is one of life's great joys. As any parent knows, it also presents challenges, and when a child has experienced trauma early in life, through separation from biological family, loss of culture and country of birth, abuse or neglect, institutional life, intensive medical procedures, exposure to chronic stress, alcohol and other drugs in utero, or traumatic grief, normal parenting challenges take on an additional layer of complexity. Our newest thearpist, Susan Richardson, LPC, NCC, is preparing to facilitate a live, seven-session parenting group that speaks directly to these challenges and offers a trauma-informed, developmentally-attuned lens through which to respond. This group, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI(R)) Caregiver Training, teaches three core sets of principles upon which parenting a child who has experienced trauma can offer hope and healing. Empowering Principles lay the foundation of the approach, exploring a child's holistic needs and learning to anticipate and plan for those needs in ways that promote recovery from trauma. Connecting Principles are the core of the approach; they focus on the importance of establishing or repairing ruptures in attachment between parents and children. Lastly, Correcting Principles form the basis for developing trauma-sensitive ways to respond to and disarm fear-based behaviors. This group is forming now and space is limited in order to provide plenty of time for participants to interact with and discuss the material each week. Exact dates will be determined as the group forms, based on the needs of participants. The cost of the group is $50/session for an individual and $75/session for two people (this can be spouses or partners, and we also strongly encourage single parents to find a family member, regular babysitter, or close friend to register with them so they can be confident of having "backup" in parenting from someone who equally understands and follows this approach. To learn more or register, contact us or call Susan Richardson, LPC, NCC, at 404.394.1096, extension 3. More about TBRI(R): ​TBRI(R) is a parenting program developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross of the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development based on research into attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience. To learn more about the model itself, check out the video below from the TCU Karyn Purvis Institute for Child Development website:

  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grounding

    Anxiety causes our mind to become preoccupied with the future - all the things we're concerned might or might not happen - and it can be easy in our most anxious moments to lose awareness of the fact that, at least in the present moment, we might actually be okay. One of our favorite strategies to teach clients is a grounding tool that brings us back from anxious worries about the future to noticing and enjoying the here and now. There are several different versions of this tool; Dr. Helen Williams and Beacon House UK have created a brief video illustrating one of them. When you practice it, what do you notice, both in terms of your environment and any shifts away from anxiety?

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  • Contact | Arbor Cove Therapy

    Contact Us Unfortunately, we are currently unable to start work with new clients. We will keep our website updated with our availability as it changes. In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to the organizations below for referrals to other therapists trained in working with children, families, adoption-competent approaches, and trauma-informed therapies: ​ Association for Play Therapy: (click Find a Play Therapist in the upper right-hand corner of the page) ​ (click Find An EMDR Therapist in the upper right-hand corner of the page) ​ Directory of TAC (Training for Adoption Competency) Trained Mental Health Practitioners: Arbor Cove Therapy, LLC 555 Sun Valley Dr, Ste L1 Roswell, GA 30076 Tel: 404.394.1096 / Fax: 404.990.3531 ​ *L. Kathryn "Katie" Smith, LCSW, RPT Direct Tel: 404.394.1096, ext 1 Sees clients Monday - Thursday *Katie's schedule and waitlist are currently full. She has limited availability for EMDR Intensives for adults; please see that page under Services for more information. *Lee Anne Dickerson, PsyD Watermark Psychological and Consulting Services, LLC Direct Tel: 404.394.1096, ext 2 Sees clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays *Dr. Dickerson's schedule and waitlist are currently full. ​*Susan P. Richardson, MS, LPC, NCC Susan P. Richardson, LLC Direct Tel: 404.394.1096, ext 3 Sees clients Monday - Tuesday; Thursday - Friday *Susan's schedule and waitlist are currently full. Serving the needs of Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Canton, Woodstock, and the surrounding North Metro Atlanta area for counseling / psychotherapy and psychological testing. Telemental health services are available to legal residents of Georgia (L. Kathryn Smith, LCSW, RPT; Lee Anne Dickerson, PsyD; Susan Richardson, MS, LPC, NCC), Virginia (Lee Anne Dickerson, PsyD), and Florida (L. Kathryn Smith, LCSW, RPT).

  • Groups | Arbor Cove Therapy

    Groups ​Groups Currently Meeting and Forming To register for a group, call us at 404.394.1096, ext 1, to schedule a time to discuss whether the group setting will be adequate to meet your needs. Group fees are detailed below. Currently Meeting: Adoptive Parents' Connection Group A support group for parents of children who joined the family through adoption after having been in foster care, after placement through private adoptions, through international adoption, or through kinship or stepparent relationships. Each group will include a time of discussion about a specific topic relevant to adoption, complex trauma, attachment, parenting, and other areas of interest to the group, as well as open, facilitated time for parents to share and connect with each other. Meeting Dates [Advance registration is required (see below)]: For 2023, we are meeting on the fourth Tuesday the month, with the exception of December, when we'll meet on the third Tuesday. We meet from 10:00 am - 11:30 am at the Arbor Cove Therapy office in Roswell. Our 2023 dates are: January 24th February 28th March 28th April 25th May 23rd June 27th July 25th August 22nd September 26th October 24th November 28th December 19th Cost: $20/monthly meeting (individual registration); $35/monthly meeting (couple registration for an individual registrant who would like to bring a spouse, partner, co-parent, regular caregiver, or extended family member). To Register: This is an open group, but to give everyone ample opportunity to share, each session's registration is capped at a maximum of eight participants, so advance registration is required. If registration maxes out, we will start a waiting list and let you know if a spot becomes available. If you haven't attended this group before, contact us below first to schedule a brief phone call or meeting to make sure the group is the best fit for your needs and obtain registration forms. If you've attended group before, please call us at 404.394.1096, ext 1 to RSVP for the date you plan on attending. ​ We hope to see you soon! Forming: Additional groups for adolescent girls who are adopted and for parents are being developed. Check back here to find more details when we open registration for them. Registration: To register for a group: call us at 404.394.1096 or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch! Contact Arbor Cove Therapy, LLC, to learn more or schedule an appointment. We serve the needs of Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Canton, Woodstock, and the surrounding North Metro Atlanta area for counseling / psychotherapy, psychological testing, and telemental health services. More broadly, telemental health services are available to legal residents of Georgia (Kathryn Smith, LCSW, RPT; Lee Anne Dickerson, PsyD; Susan P. Richardson, MS, LPC, NCC), Virginia (Dr. Lee Anne Dickerson), and Florida (Kathryn Smith, LCSW, RPT).

  • Counseling | Arbor Cove Therapy, Llc | Roswell

    Arbor Cove Therapy, LLC Counseling & psychological testing helping you on your journey to rediscover your whole heart, connect with community, and heal. Counseling & Psychological Testing at Arbor Cove Therapy, LLC Are you feeling weighed down by the challenges of life? You may have gone through a season, perhaps a long one, in which plans haven't worked out, you suffered great loss, or you have been left reeling from disappointment and grief. Or you may have achieved significant goals and dreams but are left feeling burned out by chronic stress or longing for an elusive sense of satisfaction and purpose, ​​ ​We all need a place to be real with someone who is safe, will listen to our story and help us make sense of it, and can offer hope, support, and fresh perspective and skills. Once we have a chance to catch our breath in that safe place, we can rediscover our strengths and feel empowered to grow. Arbor Cove Therapy exists to provide both: a resting place and haven for healing and a launching pad for new growth. We're glad you're here. Call Us: 404.394.1096 About Us Our clinicians tailor treatment to each client's unique needs, and have years of experience addressing a range of issues including: Developmental, psychological, interpersonal, or emotional challenges common to individuals who are adopted and their biological and adoptive families Trauma, including developmental / complex trauma, vicarious / secondary trauma, posttraumatic stress / PTSD, spiritual trauma, and shock trauma Struggles stemming from injuries to attachment relationships Behavioral, emotional, and relational problems of children and adolescents Anxiety disorders Grief and loss Life transitions Parenting challenges Chronic stress and burnout Depression Contact Us Our Services We provide in-person and online counseling services for individuals, families, and groups. We are an integrative practice using the lenses of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), attachment theory, and polyvagal theory as the foundation of our work. Some of the specific approaches to therapy and parent education we specialize in are EMDR (eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy, play therapy, Theraplay (R), Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) (R), expressive therapies, and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT). ​Within our team, we have additional training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), exposure response prevention (ERP), Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE), the Attachment, Regulation & Competency framework (ARC), Circle of Security Parenting (R), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and use those approaches when appropriate to our clients' needs and development. ​In addition to our general counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults, we offer a unique specialization in issues commonly experienced by adopted individuals and their biological and adoptive families. We also provide psychological testing for parents interested in determining or confirming a child's or adolescent's mental health diagnosis, psychological evaluations for men and women in the adoption process, and attachment assessments for both children and adults interested in learning more about the strengths and challenges of their, or their child's, relational style. Adoption-Competent Therapy Are you an individual who was adopted, a biological parent of an adopted child, or an adoptive parent? ​We offer individual, family, and group therapy for all members of the adoption constellation that is sensitive to and knowledgeable about the normative challenges that arise from the losses involved in adoption for each person. Learn More Children's Therapy Has your child experienced a significant loss? Are they having a difficult time adjusting to change? Are they behaving differently? Does your child seem anxious, depressed, unfocused, restless, or withdrawn? Together, we can help your child feel safer and more confident in the world around them, better regulate their emotions, and explore their creativity. You and your child can develop a stronger attachment to each other and improve your relationship. Learn More Adolescents' Therapy Is your teen dealing with the aftermath of trauma or bullying? Are they behaving differently? Do they seem anxious, depressed, isolated, lost, or withdrawn? Therapy can help adolescents express themselves more effectively, build confidence, strengthen problem-solving skills, and set attainable goals for the future. Learn More Therapy for Women Are you having a difficult time navigating life's changes? Do you feel depressed, anxious, burned out, or stressed? Are you grappling with grief, loss, trauma, or hard relationships? Our individual counseling services offer women a safe place to uncover lies they have believed about themselves, heal from wounding experiences or relationships of the past, and rediscover the life they were meant to live. Learn More EMDR Therapy Arbor Cove Therapy was created as a trauma-informed practice, meaning not only do we use trauma-focused therapies, like EMDR, but perhaps even more importantly, we understand how what happened to us can shape us but does not have to define us. We view our therapists' presence and our space as integral parts of creating the felt safety you need to be able to resolve past experiences, relieve pain and suffering, and experience a renewed sense of hope and freedom. Learn More Group Therapy Group therapy offers members the opportunity to share and connect with other people who share a common experience. Through these relationships can come a profound sense of being understood and safe while learning and practicing new skills. Learn More Psychological Testing Psychological and psycho-educational evaluations are helpful for determining or confirming a diagnosis and for providing clinical recommendations to other professionals working with an individual (school, therapists, physicians, etc). Learn More Walk and Talk Therapy Taking therapy outdoors can be helpful to people who feel stuck, whether in life in general or in the progress they've made in therapy in a traditional office setting. Exploring psychological and emotional issues while moving physically can offer new insights that promote forward movement. Learn More Speaking Engagements / Workshops Our clinicians are available to non-profit organizations, community groups, churches, schools, and professional associations looking to learn more about any of the issues we address, especially those related to adoption, developmental trauma, trauma-informed parenting, attachment, stress, burnout, play, grief, and anxiety. Learn More “Each time I experience the unseen wisdom of a person's system, it deepens my trust in the inner process unfolding and my awe at the way we are organized to be protected until the possibility of healing arrives.” Bonnie Badenoch, "The Heart of Trauma: Healing the Embodied Brain in the Context of Relationships" Let Us Know How We Can Help

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